Every step we take is designed to ensure that every moment takes your breath away.

the LUMIERE process

The process by which each Lumiere system is born consists of equal parts prowess and passion. We are artisans, craftsmen and movie lovers in like measure. The painstaking lengths we go to are what set Lumiere apart from any other cinema experience — home or otherwise.

Every step in bringing the magic of Lumiere into being is crucial. The design is tailored exclusively to the client’s needs and desires, as well as the space in which the Lumiere will live. We even pre-build the entire cinema in our facility, utilizing all of the final components, in order to evaluate performance and quality. During this time, clients may visit our facility to experience their system before it’s packed and shipped.

When a Lumiere arrives home, we supervise construction and installation every step of the way – right up until our final calibration, the technique of which has been developed over decades of experience in cinema engineering.

The final all-important step is the moment our clients experience their completed Lumiere Home Cinema and realize that they have something that is rare, wonderful and unique. We will then have accomplished our goal - to deliver magic into someone's life!